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It is with great pleasure that we recommend Peter O’Donnell of HRV WEST, to anyone seeking an excellent and sincere contractor for the installation of a heat recovery system to their home.

We have just settled into our own new house and throughout his period as contractor in charge of our project, we found Peter to be committed, thorough and always had excellent control of all situations.  He also possesses the natural ability to communicate effectively with both clients and staff, which is conducive to a warm and cordial atmosphere on site and in the workplace.

Peter is a progressive contractor with the professional skills to deliver a brilliant heat recovery system to his clients and therefore we have no hesitation in recommending himself and his product to you. 

The process of rebuilding our house has been a pleasure all around for us.

We thank you for that Peter.

Cóilín and Mary Ó Domhnaill,   An Cheathrú Rua.  Galway.

Robbie White

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