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Marble Surface

Now more than ever adequate ventilation in our homes and work spaces is vital to our daily lives. 

Our system provides continuous ventilation even when the house/building is sealed up for the day. 

Air quality is significantly improved with a HRV system. Continuous  ventilation can help reduce relative humidity to below 70% RH, which inhibits the ideal living and breeding conditions of the house dust mite.

With the Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system installed, bedrooms are fresh in the morning , while you where sleeping, the system will remove all  stale odors and replaces them with with fresh, filtered outdoor air. 

Fresh air is drawn in from outside, either through a roof tile vent or a wall vent. The stale wet air is expelled to outside.

Sized correctly, it will gently ventilate the property at a rate of about half an air change per hour, removing moist air and unpleasant smells from the kitchen, bathrooms and toilets and extracting it to the outside. These systems are great in home with allergy or asthma sufferers.


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